SRK Birthday on this date, SRK(Shahrukh khan), born on November 02, 1965, in New Delhi to parents Meer Taj Mohammed Khan and Lateef Fatima Khan, is a prominent Indian actor, film producer, entrepreneur, and television personality. He has an elder sister, Shehnaz Lalarukh. During his early years, he lived with his grandparents in Bangalore, while his father ran a restaurant in Delhi. That time srk birthday celebrate with family

Unfortunately, tragedy struck the family when Khan’s father passed away in 1981, followed by his mother’s demise in 1991. The loss took a toll on his sister, who fell into a state of depression. In order to start afresh, Khan, along with his sister, decided to shift to Mumbai, where he began his journey in the film industry.

Shahrukh khan’s Family (SRK)

Shahrukh khan's Family (SRK)

On October 25, 1991, Shah Rukh Khan tied the knot with Gauri Chhibber, and they have been blessed with three children. Their son Aryan was born in 1997, their daughter Suhana in 2000, and their youngest, AbRam, was born in 2013.

SRK “from Romance to Thrills: Top movie

SRK Birthday

SRK Birthday on November 02

Khan’s career in entertainment commenced with appearances in various television serials between 1988 and 1990. In 1992, he burst onto the silver screen with his remarkable acting skills in the blockbuster hit “Deewana,” marking the beginning of his illustrious film career. Khan soon gained recognition and success, particularly for his villainous roles in films like “Darr” (1993), “Baazigar” (1993), and “Anjaam” (1994). He quickly rose to stardom and became known for his outstanding performances and box-office hits.

SRK  Eight Filmfare Best Actor Awards


Throughout his illustrious Bollywood career, Shah Rukh Khan has won an impressive tally of eight Filmfare Best Actor Awards, the highest number achieved by any actor in the industry. Some of his notable films include“Kuch Kuch Hota Hai” (1998), “Om Shanti Om” (2007), and “Let’s Go! India” (2007).

With his charismatic presence, acting prowess, and entrepreneurial ventures, Shah Rukh Khan has left an indelible mark on the Indian film industry and continues to be one of the most influential and beloved personalities in the entertainment world.

“Shah Rukh Khan’s Remarkable Journey: From Delhi University Graduate to Degree Holder After 28 Years!”

  • Shah Rukh Khan, the Bollywood superstar and one of India’s most beloved actors, has had an extraordinary academic journey that recently culminated in a notable achievement. Graduating from Delhi University, Khan’s path to earning his degree was anything but conventional, as he received it after a remarkable 28-year gap.
  • The charismatic actor, known for his versatile performances on the silver screen, pursued his higher education at Delhi University in his younger years. However, as fate would have it, his acting career skyrocketed before he could complete his academic pursuits.
  • Despite the demands and glitz of the entertainment industry, Shah Rukh Khan never forgot the importance of education. Throughout his successful acting career, he consistently expressed a strong belief in the value of learning and acquiring knowledge. While he didn’t immediately have the opportunity to complete his degree, he remained determined to do so someday.
  • Undeterred by the challenges of managing a demanding film career and juggling numerous commitments, Khan diligently continued his academic journey. He took up the task of completing his degree in between movie shoots, promotional tours, and philanthropic endeavors.
  • His dedication to education and unwavering perseverance finally paid off as he recently received his long-awaited degree from Delhi University. The institution acknowledged his achievements and recognized the exceptional effort he had put into achieving this milestone.
  • Shah Rukh Khan’s story serves as an inspiration to millions, showing that no dream is too big and no goal is unattainable with hard work and commitment. His journey is a testament to the power of education and how it can shape not only careers but also instill a sense of discipline and determination in individuals.
  • As the “King of Bollywood” continues to enthrall audiences worldwide with his captivating performances, his recent academic accomplishment adds another feather to his illustrious cap. Shah Rukh Khan’s extraordinary journey from a Delhi University student to a degree holder after 28 years stands as a reminder that no matter how long it takes, education is a lifelong pursuit worth embracing.

SRK Age-58 Year in 2023

Shahrukh khan age 2023 (58 year)

srk birthday 02 November

Gauri khan Age – 53 Years in 2023

Gauri khan birthday 8 October

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